Galatians – Choose life with Christ

Green trees, blue skies and water…. #relax #enjoy #appreciatelife

Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live. SO! The amazing and wonderful gift is that we have LIFE. We have confidence in who we are when we accept Jesus as Savior … and BELIEVE it.

Do you believe you are all that God says you are?

Well, you are! Head up, shoulders back, and live a confident life. Period. Do we all mess up, say something we shouldn’t, act rash and curt at times… of course we all do! The secret is – be able to check yourself and fix that “thing” you did by apologizing to the person and to God.

We do better when we keep ourself in order. NO one will ever be perfect. Even Jesus said no one can be perfect… only God is perfect. Ah-mazing !

This week, join me by reading Galatians. It is only six chapters, that are short, and very easy to read and follow along. Just do it. Get that bible on your table, and while you drink your morning coffee… read it. Journal your thoughts and what resonates with you in this season of life. Then make changes!

Okay, go.. do it… now! :))

Here’s a link – I’ll make it super easy, read the chapter on your phone, have fun. Enjoy and let God do something new in you! BLUELETTERBIBLE

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