Review of Second Time Around by Melody Carlson

A delight new book by Melody Carlson.

This is the first I have read of her works, of which she has many books written.

If you like the feel of Hallmark movies, this is your type of novel.

Detailed down to the smells, items (like a shark on a stick in her grandmothers tourist shop), that we can envision and experience through Carlson’s simple and specific build up – makes it easy to follow and get caught up in the place and time.

Mallory inherits this store when her Grandmother passes, which is in Oregon. And although I have never personally been to Oregon, through the writing, I feel as if I am in this little old town, where she runs into an old flame. Of course, like Hallmark movies, there are glitches that arise, problems occur, and what will she do?

I definitely enjoy Carlson’s writing style; relatable to the “girly” movies on the Hallmark station. It’s an easy read. Good details to help us as readers get caught up into the story line. A recommendation from me for sure!

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