Welcome to Words by Design!

Baby girl, do you know your worth? God says a good woman is worth more than rubies and diamonds.

The words throughout this page, are written to be heartfelt, encouraging and thought-provoking.  Sometimes we don’t always see the bigger picture (note the many photos included as a visual aid :-), so, when you view a post, try to gain a perspective that you may not have thought of before. Words that may be so commonly heard, too often, at times, we become numb to them, like a habit.  Be refreshed here, renew your mind. Have a cup of tea or coffee as you take a few minutes to read and enjoy.

I don’t believe in accidental site findings. There is a reason you were drawn here ~ so, may your heart may be inspired,  allow your mind to be alert, and eyes to see clearer than before, after reading through each blog post.

I hope you enjoy the photographs, designs, and inspirations because we all need a good lift me up!

God has so much in store for our lives, sometimes we just settle,  but I hope to help you realize the potential you have through Christ and in the Word of God – His promises for you are true.
May you be touched in a special way today, lifted up and blessed.

____________.  ___________. ___________.  __________. __________.

I encourage healthy, positive comments only. Negative comments will be not be approved.

If you need prayer, I would be honored to pray for you, send an email to:  donna.dbpbd@gmail.com, each prayer, and concern will be safely taken to the Throne of God.

Photographs and artwork are copyrighted and property of Photos by Design aka DL RUDD

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