Amazing Love

                                 Amazing love how can it be                                    That you my king would die for  me                           _______________________________________________                        It is amazing – how MUCH he loves us! I was talking with a friend tonight, and we were in agreement that God’s kingdom must always be first in our lives. If you call yourself a “Christ’ian, you mustContinue reading “Amazing Love”

A babies lesson on living in Faith everyday!

When a child lies down for bedtime, they wake up, and what is the first thing we do as a parent? Change them, (maybe after a kiss or hug)! Babies don’t know how to change themselves. They may cry. They may not, but they know that it will get done by way of the parentContinue reading “A babies lesson on living in Faith everyday!”

— Power —

This gorgeous creature posed long enough so I could FINALLY get a good shot of him. I have tried taking photos of him for months, not sure if it’s  the red that makes it so difficult, or my being so excited I just couldn’t get it right!  He doesn’t sit very long..  but this one..                      Continue reading “— Power —”

Live life – on earth as it is in Heaven!

It’s a very interesting place to be when you can look back and see all the things the Lord has done. Since we daily celebrate Easter and His being ALIVE, I am looking at Him so differently…all that he went thru, the pain He endured, for my life, your life …. for everyone! Do we really getContinue reading “Live life – on earth as it is in Heaven!”