More than a conqueror

How many times have you heard the scripture reference, found in Romans 8:31-39  that tells us we ARE more than conquerors – IF WE ONLY BELIEVE!!!!   How shall we respond, is how the chapter begins. How Shall We Respond?? Do you ask God sometimes: “REALLY God, am I ? Life is nothing but aContinue reading “More than a conqueror”

Genesis… the beginning

While writing Forever Hope, (released February 13, 2020 on Amazon), it was evident God wanted me to share my story. It’s raw, real, simple and to the point. I will admit, there was a bit of arguing with God while writing the manuscript over those twelve months. I didn’t mind sharing the facts, but theContinue reading “Genesis… the beginning”

Forever Hope -Living with hope in the midst of life’s struggles

The story of my life has been one that has had its fill of struggle. I’m sure you have your experiences as well. We all have a story to tell. The amazing thing is, when we share our struggle, it encourages someone else. As I wrote this book, I will be honest to say thereContinue reading “Forever Hope -Living with hope in the midst of life’s struggles”

Forever Hope ~ Launch February 2020

It’s quite exciting to launch a new book. In less than two years, I wrote my “story”. A story where the “genesis” (new beginnings) began. A place where an insecure, girl came to know the promises of Jesus Christ. The One who kept me safe. Taught me how to live, what to stay away from,Continue reading “Forever Hope ~ Launch February 2020”

How will God get the glory through the pain?

Romans 8 reminds us we will suffer in life. We will go through periods when we groan, cry out, wonder what happened, and ask how catastrophic situations happen to Godly people. The valleys in life can be dry. Barren. Elongated. We wonder, when will this problem or issue stop? When will the breakthrough happen? TheContinue reading “How will God get the glory through the pain?”

Hope for today

Loneliness. During the happiest season of all? How could that be? Depression hits hard in the winter, and through this time of togetherness. We can help people conquer this. By prayer. Through grace. With love. Being genuine and not fake. Let’s dig in, as I write, share and prayerfully ask God to guide and helpContinue reading “Hope for today”