Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of downtime. I hope to encourage, develop and share God’s word, through my personal testimony and by way of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

It’s been an interesting few years. I just completed my first book, (see the cover page), that oozes PINK by way of the beauty of God’s creation of flowers and PEONIES!

I chose the cover photo, (taken by mwah, of course! I am a photographer) because I do like pink, and this was my Grandma’s favorite flower. I think of her whenever I see large peonies planted in a garden. When they are full grown, they weigh heavy and fall over. Get up close and personal with them, you will also see ants working real hard. Proverbs 6:6 tells us to view the ant and its diligence. See how they work and work, never giving up. They also carry the other ants if they get hurt or die. We can glean much from the ant. It’s another reason I enjoy these gorgeous flowers. Those little creatures are inspiring.

This book has been a labor of love. God put this experience in my heart back when I was in High School. I journaled often that I would write a book one day. When I was ‘married with children”, my wonderful neighbor Peg would say to me, ‘Donna, you must write that book’. She had NO idea I had the desire, nor that I had written it in my journal many times. I would always reply, “Peg, I sure will. Timing is not right – yet”. The time arrived, two and half years ago, the Holy Spirit kept prompting me to get out the boat. It was time to write the book.

I was blessed to have things line up so that I could do so. I left a job that was so terribly difficult (I am certain God allowed those circumstances, because if I loved the job, I would have found it much too challenging to leave it). Lots of learning curves, as I had to get my rusted brain waves moving and cleaned up. I have always enjoyed English, speech, writing and spelling classes. I wish I would have pursued that when I left high school. But here we are today. The world is my oyster. A year of writing, healing, tears, revelation, and many prayers for people to hear my heart. Through this oh so private and many personal experiences, I pray lives will be changed.

We are waiting for the exact print date (tentatively it is mid January of 2020). Stay tuned for updates… .cuz January will be here VERY soon! I will keep everyone posted with the book signing schedule, and opportunities to speak at women’s events to share the hope that only God offers. His purity, grace and mercy are all we need to get through any circumstance! Join me in the journey! Looking forward to hearing your stories of hope next year!

My word of the year. Vision of HOPE in 2020.

Prayer time: Lord, we live in what can be a rough world. But you have made so many beautiful things, like the peonies plant. Let us be reminded of your grace and love for us. May we share that and many encouraging words as we finish out 2019, and enter into 2020 Vision. ~ In Jesus sweet name we pray, amen!

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  1. I am so excited for what God is doing in your life. Anxiously waiting to read your book❤️