Choose Joy, Live in Hope and love always!

Hi! I’m Donna, mom of three amazing sons, a beautiful daughter in love! I love to write, take photographs, try new adventures, laugh loud, cry hard, and live life to the fullest!



I’ve been thinking. Don’t laugh! I know what you might be saying! lolol… I do a LOT of “thinking”! ……As I have been speculating how many people have lost their homes, jobs, or on the verge, due to this long year of lockdown and strange circumstances we have lived with during Covid19. Even in ourContinue Reading

Ending the year with strength

Here we are, December of TWENTY-TWENTY. Pandemonium. Pandemic. Irregularities of every kind. Sickness. Aloneness. Depression. Suicides. Chaos. Virus called Covid19. Deceit. Election gone awry. Hatred. Sadness and too much of it! We ask WHY. This IS our FREE America, yet people are acting crazy. Some ask why God would allow this to go this far.Continue Reading

Review of Nothing Short of Wondrous by Regina Scott

I enjoy a good series. Regina shares her knowledge of history into each storyline with great detail without it becoming boring. (I’m not a history buff – at all!). Based in the Civil war era, in the American wilderness, the harshness of war, leaves a woman with some cynicism and determination to live life withoutContinue Reading


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