Choose Joy, Live in Hope and love always!

Hi! I’m Donna, mom of three amazing sons, a beautiful daughter in love! I love to write, take photographs, try new adventures, laugh loud, cry hard, and live life to the fullest!


Are you feeling scorched today?

It’s been hot, here in Chicago this summer. Currently, we are in the middle of the summers heat; temperatures are well into the nineties. The warmth rises from the depths of the ground. I’m looking at the plant on my patio, realizing that it needs water every day throughout theContinue Reading

Spring… .Summer…. Autumn….

I sit at the table this morning, the screen door open to enjoy fresh air. I’m listening to the birds sing and fluttering all around. It’s was a late start to spring, and now summer is near end. The promise of green will be turning shades of orange soon. TheContinue Reading

Take time to relax

These have been stressful days. I have seen many comments, memes and blogs wanting a do over for 2020. Interesting, isn’t it? Many of us had visions of just that: 2020 – you know.. like eyesight. If you wear glasses, as I have for fifty years now, I dream ofContinue Reading


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