REVIEW of Softly Blows the Bugle by Jan Drexler

I enjoy reading. Since becoming an author, I have appreciated folks who will write a review on my book. So, when I came across the opportunity to review new books, I jumped on it. It helps the author to grow an audience as well as to help people decide what book to purchase.

This is one of those sweet Amish books. I enjoy these because they are so easy to follow – and so relatable.

As I read through it, I had the sense I was right there, in the culture and era. Very relatable, real life and with a biblical foundation.

Hebrews 12:1-2 says to look to Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. What a powerful word to speak to us today, in the year 2020.

Softly Blows the Bugle, is a story of togetherness. (we sure do need a tribe like never before).

Without giving the story line away, it is a sweet and simple message.

Part of that message is when we miss one stitch (if we are sewing a pattern) will affect the whole design. It becomes uneven, unbalanced – hard to work with.

Life happens, marriage, death, finding another mate to walk through life again – sometimes we don’t look for a mate, but the opportunity walks across our path. When the Lord leads two people together, we don’t often see it for what it is. A gift.

Enjoy this tender yet real life story. Sweet and simple.

Book Review of HEART & HOME

What a beautiful book this is. I so enjoy helping authors by sharing their stories and creative ways to encourage us. Heart & Home is a delightful and creative book that all women should have on their shelf.


This one is by Victoria Duerstock. It’s a lovely book that shares gorgeous photography (and you all know how I love my camera and some good photos!)…..hers are fabulous. She shares a warm and inviting setting on each page to help give us ideas with designing a delightful home environment.

She adds ideas along with scripture with tips and how life just ties together within our home and “LIVING” space.

We all love having that sweet spot, don’t we?

Proverbs 31 tells us ladies to prepare our home. Be diligent and inviting. Share our food, have some fellowship time. Build each other up as we gather around the kitchen table, the porch, by the fireplace and enjoy life.

This book does just that. While I enjoy and imagine what I can do with my own space, I imagine laughter, deep conversation, love, and memories being shared. That’s what life is about.

Enjoy this 90 day devotional, and be encouraged to develop fellowship with others and deepen your walk with God.

I hope you grab your copy of this book. In fact, you can join the giveaway and purchase by going here, to the home page for Heart and Home.

Here is a sample of what the book looks like. Isn’t it so inviting?
More info on the book, author and publisher…. I am so excited to share this with you!

Victoria will be sharing a Christmas version as well… check it out,

About the Christmas release:

As a writer, teacher, and speaker with a busy work and family life, Victoria Duerstock understands that all the tasks of the holiday season can make it easy to forget the true joy that Christmas can bring. In Heart & Home for Christmas, Duerstock brings her mission to inspire hope for God’s purpose, and her 20 years of experience in the furniture and design industry together, connecting Scripture with design elements and easy decorating tips in a way that reflects the true spirit of Christmas. The devotions and holiday decorating tips will encourage spiritual growth and inspiration to have both a captivating heart and home at Christmas.

Click here to view a sample of the book.

Releases September 17, 2019

To learn more about the Christmas book coming in the fall, and how to purchase your copy of Heart and Home, head over to Victoria’s page here.