Living in Christ daily allows him to awaken inside me what is hidden, broken, distraught and disheveled. The inner place where my soul is unleashed, allows God’s word to grow within me, faith is developed for my future; it lays ahead of me. Breath life into my soul, Lord. May I see your humanity, as it relates to my personal struggles. May change happen, letting go of what does not benefit me, as I lean into your direction and wisdom. This is my prayer.

The simplicity and beauty of nature.

I must be willing to say Yes Lord. Heal me. Help me. I bow my head in total adoration, with a heart overflowing with love for the One who came to earth, to relate to me, just as I am.

Jesus. Born in a manger. Lowly. Dirty. Next to sheep, cows, chickens and dirt. Set in a cow trough on hay.

God’s power displayed though Jesus, by using a humble and obedient servant, Mary – and her beloved Joseph.

God knows what I need. What WE need. Each of us have a unique perspective, lifestyle, pains, hurts, discouragement, failures….. shall I go on? You get where I am going. Life. It’s real. It’s good, and it is tough. But HOPE with God’s GLORY, is what we can rely on. Always. Forever. Until eternity comes we choose to live on our own strengths and wisdom, or ask the One who knows what we should do. What a wonderful PARENT God is.

He is in Heaven…. in his holy thrown. Surrounded by what he made as perfect. But this world is not perfect. The Devil, Adam and Eve erred. Hence, we all now suffer at their choices. They chose the fruit. Now we need Jesus to redeem us/me.

Think about it, Jesus is Immanuel. God with us. Jesus understands me, and you. He helps our weakness (when we ALLOW him to). He shares in our joy, pain, ache, happy times – through it all. He is with us. How comforting.

God is with every single person. The Buddhist, The Methodist, the tax collector, the rich, sick, poor, the drug induced, alcoholic, healthy, happy, sad and the lost….. he is with all people. He made each and every living creature.

Stop for a minute. Think of the worst person and the best person you know. God is with both. He loves both. He wants relationship with e.v.e.r.y single human being. As some reject God’s goodness, others run towards His love….. we all have a choice. We can seek Him, or reject Him. He waits patiently until we come to the place of unwavering desire to live in the goodness of His love and parental guidance. It’s a choice. Satan choose to go his own way. Eve chose to try the apple, out of curiosity.

Until the end of the age. Immanuel, he is with us. He is a good good Father. He is Faithful. He is with us.

Jesus understand everything about you. Each weakness, (and yes we all have a set of them), the joy we have, the pains, concerns and circumstances. Oh, how he is with us giving peace, when we allow him to take us to that sweet quiet and soothing creek of his protection. Just as a parent soothes a child as he cries. Jesus does the same for us.

He is with us until the end of time. No matter what happens in the world. The worst things – he is totally aware of. Trusting Him during those times is pivotal so we don’t lean into worrying nor fear. He is God. Master of the whole Universe. Nothing gets past Him.

His voice leads us. Imagine this: The Messiah ~ on a chariot, descending on a fiery cloud. He emerges. He came to this world as a baby, out of the womb of Mary. Laid into a bed of straw in a manger. Humble. Sweet. Loved. Powerful. Yet he lessened himself so we can relate to him. What a powerful thought. THAT, my friend, is pure love.




Jesus! What a gift from God.

Not one person is beyond the reach of His hand. He is our helper. Our Guide, the One, the Only purified Son of the Living God. He is the everlasting One.

God gives us favor as he did to Joseph and Mary, because they were faithful. In obedience, even in the unknown, risking shame and scorn from “people”, they said YES Lord. We will go, That is pure love. Because they went, they gave birth to Jesus, in the flesh, the One Son of God, Child of Mary to save the world.

There are no limits nor boundaries, God’s mighty hand reaches from Bangladesh to Texas ~ from Pekin to Peoria and beyond. He is with us always and everywhere we go.





Jesus relates to you and I. He offers hope. What an extraordinary love.

Will you trust Him today? In the midst of any crisis, virus, need, sickness, confusion, lack…. no matter the situation….. lean into Christ. He knows. He has been there. He wants to lead you. He leads me, even when I wander like the one sheep that walks away from the group. He calls your name. His peace is beyond anything this world can offer.

Father, we come before you today, trusting you in all your glory. You have the power to stop any bad or negative thing that comes our way. You are the Author and Finisher of my Faith, I want to lean into you, casting all my cares into your hands. Take them, fix them, fix me, help my heart and mind to line up to you every moment of every day. I love you Jesus. Amen.

  Facing decisions in life can be like taking a road trip.

As we drive down a street that is not busy, we can see things clearly, we can coast, or maybe even get a bit bored because it’s become dull and lifeless with little traffic along the way. But as we travel into the highway of life, and come upon a city with tall buildings, lots of landmarks, trees and other traffic that blocks our vision, we may get distracted, disillusioned, or even confused at where we are headed.

Then, as we drive a bit further – we see what we perceive as our destination, we can see the intersection up ahead at a distance – In our zeal to get to the turning point, we get excited, perk up but forget to ask God which way to go.

Sometimes we want to make a decision to turn BEFORE we get to that intersection.

If we turn to the left or the right – too soon, we may end up in a ditch (which may lead to problems, delays, hurts, etc). That ditch may simply be asking the wrong people into your life; or an eating disorder, using alcohol to escape, low self esteem – or a multitude of other issues.

Maybe we decide to continue going straight, because its comfortable, we are so familiar with the “street” we are on and don’t want to change – out of fear of the “unknown” – we miss a huge part of Gods growing us up and experiencing life to the fullest.
Other times, that straight road seems to take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get to the place we envisioned, we seem to be driving on that same boring road so long, we give up all hope of life and our destination.
So, in this descriptive, as we look ahead in life, we may need to make a decision – turn to the left, to the right, or go straight (we certainly don’t want to go backwards, – there are no do overs! and that would defeat the purpose of “growing up”; if we are 20 yrs old, to turn around, would be like saying, Ok, God, let me be 15 again, at least I know what was happening then at that point in life; God’s not going to let us go back – we MUST move forward!), and as we move in the direction we choose, sometimes we learn the route takes us the  long way, yet sometimes we take the “high” road.
In whichever case, time is never wasted. Learning is key. Just as the path we take as we are traveling in the car, we get to view all kinds of things – so it is with our life. Allow God to show you why each experience has been important, and what it means. Grow and share with others to encourage them when life seems long. And if you get stuck somewhere …. AAA (God) is on the way to help!

Seek Him for ALL directions, and he WILL guide the path to the right destination!

He has a well-paved street, with the right rest stops along the way, good food, fun fellowship at each rest stop. And even good times to have fun with (like making a pit stop at Dolly wood, or Disney, or Great America along the travel time in life – after all we CAN make memories– right?!).

He owns the highway and byways of our lives. He knows when the weather forecast will be years before we even think about it! He gives us an umbrella when we need it, good sturdy wipers for our windshield – and yes, he is our Shield and Protector from those nasty times in life; times when we just feel like we cannot go one more step – he carries us upon His shoulders, like a wonderful Daddy would do.
Let’s pray:
Abba Father, Lord I love you – you are full of mercy and compassion, love and grace. Please guide and teach each of us, to prepare our minds and hearts as we seek your path – let us be tender to hear your voice as you tell us which direction to take. Thank you for making each of us unique with special gifts to utilize and share with others.

We want to stay humble and loving in all situations, even when we seem to get lost. You are our light and our salvation, in that we can trust. Help our faith to grow stronger in you each day.

In your Wonderful and matchless name, we pray… Amen

John 3:3 NCV
“A voice of one calling in the wilderness,

‘Prepare the way for the Lord,

make straight paths for him.’”

Matthew 6:33NCV

Seek first God’s kingdom and what God wants.

Then all your other needs will be met as well.

Psalm 144:2 NIV
He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer,
 my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.