For times like this

So, today is a monumental day. For many reasons. I am going to take a little different writing approach, as I share today.  Broken into Beautiful. From Mourning and Sadness into JOY.    Just two weeks ago, we celebrated Easter;  Our biggest celebration of LIFE – everlasting life because of what Jesus did for us. (if youContinue reading “For times like this”

New Year State of Mind~ 2016 Style

Here we are. The last day of 2015, and how did you do this year? Was it a fun year? Did you grow, learn or stretch?  Were you laden with hardship or difficulties? For me, this year is a year I would like to have disappear off the calendar history. Although I know when ChristiansContinue reading “New Year State of Mind~ 2016 Style”

God’s Promises…

        God’s Promises…..  In Patience 2013. It’s now OVER!  Phew! What a year. Started out with the passing of my Uncle and Mom – in Jan/ March respectively. They both had health struggles, in the end there is some relief that the pain was over for them. Still tough for those leftContinue reading “God’s Promises…”