Perilous times…….

What does the Bible say about times that seem to be out of control? Doesn’t this Corona virus seem to be out of this world type of crazy? People are to stay in their homes, wear masks and gloves if they have to go out. We are being told how to wash our hands andContinue reading “Perilous times…….”

His umbrella over you

We work, we play. The busy-ness of our life runs to and fro;  so many activities, kids, job, church, sports, hobbies, family, that sometimes our soul runs dry. We lose sight and can’t see the ray of hope that God shines willingly over us. We take so much value in superficial things, the location ofContinue reading “His umbrella over you”

Winds that sooth

The soothing sound of soft winds blowing on a sunny blue skied day, (especially in Florida), bring such peace. As I am hear visiting my son, and I must say, it’s quite strange to think Christmas is in only five short days, and I am outside in 78 degree, blue skied days, full of softContinue reading “Winds that sooth”

Welcome to a fresh start!

Did 2012 take a bite out of you? By year end, were you tired, exhausted, or sick? Did everything seem to be removed from your hands – not by your doing or choice, but circumstances out of your control?As I was reading Isaiah 40 this morning, I was reminded yet again, of God’s power, hisContinue reading “Welcome to a fresh start!”