It is time to rise up into NEW life.

Struggles are real. Troubles will come and go. But standing firm in the foundation of GOD’s love, grace and heart will guide you to GO IN and possess what he has planned for YOU to do. To possess means to TAKE ACTION. Do it. Do it afraid, do it when you feel confident. Just take that step.

Fear  will stop progression. That is the ultimate plan of the enemy of our soul. He does NOT want us to succeed. He wants to hinder our walk and our path. He attacks with schemes so sly – and sometimes so obvious. Take heed. Be aware. Even if we trip, fail or totally mess up today – tomorrow is a new and fresh day. God’s got our back. Never look down, keep your shoulders back, and be secure in who you are in Christ, and that those around you will see His goodness that lives in you, no matter the circumstances!

God has ADOPTED YOU into HIS family. You are anointed, blessed and highly favored. You are blessed coming in and going out. God created adoption papers! he will never leave you nor forsake you.! You belong to God! Jesus is and was the sacrifice for your life. Trust Him. He loves you with an everlasting love! Your name is written in His Word. He has set you free, so you can soar to new heights!
No living in slavery, we don’t have to finance our adoption. We don’t have to complete a “to do list” to conquer or pay for His love for us. Just accept His offer of salvation through Jesus Christ.
He gives the invitation to come and thirst no more!

Keep in prayer – God search me, and know my heart, let me not become self absorbed – but focused on the plan where you can USE me to make a difference on this earth.

Live a life from orphan to an HEIR!  You have JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM, LIFE! so REJOICE in the LORD always – and again I say REJOICE

His river will flow through you as you keep drinking His cup!  Rejoice, and always give thanks, for He is certainly good!

8510 Orange daisy

This gorgeous creature posed long enough so I could FINALLY get a good shot of him. I have tried taking photos of him for months, not sure if it’s  the red that makes it so difficult, or my being so excited I just couldn’t get it right!  He doesn’t sit very long..  but this one..                       I think I am very happy with this shot !  Good job posing Mr Cardinal! – Once again,  enjoying the beauty of HIS creation. Amazing!
Onto today’s blog: Tests and Trials. They are tough. Walking on water? Well, that is a true test of our faith isn’t it. Matthew 14: 22-36  tells us of how the disciples were in a boat – far from the land, and the winds were hitting high and hard.
Have you seen a large body of water in a fierce storm? It’s pretty scary stuff! It certainly  is not a place I would choose to be at — ever!  But life brings us all kinds of tribulation. Rocky roads that we’d rather not walk on, but inevitable in this life, no matter who you believe in or what you believe in there will be some struggles along the way.
Sometimes the waters that try to take us out like a whip roaring high winded tide. Other times it is a road so rocky it seems like we cannot walk around it, through it or over it. What do you do about it? Worry? Contemplate? Cry or get angry? I know I am guilty of all those ways of “dealing with the struggle” too. But Jesus came to help us through all of it. No matter how big or small the wind, wave, rain or thunder is, we must focus on Him. He will guide us and show us the perfect solution. The more we focus on His direction, the less complicated the struggle. When Peter had his focus on Jesus, he walked on the water. The second he looked at the waves and water, realizing how he could sink – yep, he fell. But he was humble enough to say Jesus  – HELP!!!!!!!!!! And Jesus lifted him from that fall.  What was Jesus response to Peter’s lack of believing? Jesus said, your faith is small – WHY did you doubt? (my emphasis) Oh boy – how many times have I been there? Ooh, too many times. Why have I not learned? I guess it is a process. Many factors fall into place, as with all of us. We each have a set of unique circumstances which lead to our mindset of faith, doubt and trust. We never “arrive” and become perfect. It is a walk. Each experience  – good or bad, will teach us if we let it. If we communicate in the stillness of His love, and listen, he will give guidance and assurance. Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine and he can be yours too.. call out to Him. Read the Bible, he will guide and help you every day.
God chose to use stories  like this, true  stories, as to help us along life’s journey. We were never promised a rosy – peachy keen kinda lifestyle, just because we follow Jesus. No. We are told there WILL be tests and trials along the way. That is where faith comes in — (I think my next blog will be on Faith — more  on that – so stay tuned!); are we going to be like Peter – he walked on that water – but only for a moment. While his focus was on Jesus – he walked on the water – do we get that? Water. You float, you swim.. but not walk on top of it, unless of course it is ice. This was not a cold day in the middle of winter.  It was in the midst of a storm! Water rising up and over with  powerful winds. He walked. He trusted Jesus in that very moment. Jesus wants us all to live in that kind of moment every single second of every single day. Will you trust Him? I pray you do.
Matthew 17:20 NKJV

So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.
John 16:33 NLT

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me(Jesus). Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I (Jesus) have overcome the world.”