Umbrella over the city street_edited-1.jpgWe work, we play. The busy-ness of our life runs to and fro;  so many activities, kids, job, church, sports, hobbies, family, that sometimes our soul runs dry. We lose sight and can’t see the ray of hope that God shines willingly over us.

We take so much value in superficial things, the location of where we live,  how big or small our home is, the contents, the restaurants we visit, vacations we take, with little to no time spent in learning God’s ways through reading His Word.

Do we take time to stop and hear his still small voice?  Maybe the concern is getting out from underneath the lack and difficulties in life.  In abundance or in lack, God is always with us. He so longs for us to sit and talk with Him. He is patient and kind to wait for us to get to that point.  If we don’t he certainly will get our attention one way or another.

When we find the love we long for in Him, not by way of human love, he shows us that he is the Great I AM .  Will we receive it? Allow time from “the doing”, by way of performance — the job promotion options, relationships we desperately hope approval from, building our status quo with money, beauty and fleeting things of this world. Let the Father embrace you with the peace that passes all understanding.

Take time today to be quiet; seek him, with few words; allow Him to whisper his love into your soul. May he guide your every desire and create the perfect space he has in store for you and you alone.  You need to value His love more than anything else today;

May the umbrella be a visual for you today and always, showing you his banner over you is love, even in the midst of your gray and busy days.

You are loved.


Let’s pray:

Father, I ask you to be with me today; help me to quiet my mind, so I can learn your Word, hear your voice and take direction. I know ultimately, it will make my life more complete and peaceful. I am so grateful for your umbrella over me that keeps me from being flooded with nonsense and things unnecessary; when I do go my way, please gently bring me back to your safe haven. I love you, Jesus. Amen. 

It is time to rise up into NEW life.

Struggles are real. Troubles will come and go. But standing firm in the foundation of GOD’s love, grace and heart will guide you to GO IN and possess what he has planned for YOU to do. To possess means to TAKE ACTION. Do it. Do it afraid, do it when you feel confident. Just take that step.

Fear  will stop progression. That is the ultimate plan of the enemy of our soul. He does NOT want us to succeed. He wants to hinder our walk and our path. He attacks with schemes so sly – and sometimes so obvious. Take heed. Be aware. Even if we trip, fail or totally mess up today – tomorrow is a new and fresh day. God’s got our back. Never look down, keep your shoulders back, and be secure in who you are in Christ, and that those around you will see His goodness that lives in you, no matter the circumstances!

God has ADOPTED YOU into HIS family. You are anointed, blessed and highly favored. You are blessed coming in and going out. God created adoption papers! he will never leave you nor forsake you.! You belong to God! Jesus is and was the sacrifice for your life. Trust Him. He loves you with an everlasting love! Your name is written in His Word. He has set you free, so you can soar to new heights!
No living in slavery, we don’t have to finance our adoption. We don’t have to complete a “to do list” to conquer or pay for His love for us. Just accept His offer of salvation through Jesus Christ.
He gives the invitation to come and thirst no more!

Keep in prayer – God search me, and know my heart, let me not become self absorbed – but focused on the plan where you can USE me to make a difference on this earth.

Live a life from orphan to an HEIR!  You have JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM, LIFE! so REJOICE in the LORD always – and again I say REJOICE

His river will flow through you as you keep drinking His cup!  Rejoice, and always give thanks, for He is certainly good!

8510 Orange daisy

Life is like a pair of gorgeous stilettos. Yep, I am using stilettos as an example of our life “walk”!

Imagine finding a pair of the most unbelievable, gorgeous, comfortable pair of stilettos.

They fit perfect, you buy them, and one day get all dressed up real pretty, put on those shoes, you are feelin’ fine! Everything “seems” to look good from the outside, the dress fits flawlessly, you’re having a great hair day, and the makeup is stunning, you are confidently pulled together. But as you go to take a step, your ankle gives in, and collapses, and you start to trip and fall.

We are only as strong as our ankles. If that ankle has a weakness, disappointment sets in, pain and hurt sets in, but you want to utilize your outfit to the fullest. How do you achieve the strength and power to walk in the stilettos? A choice needs to be made, try to walk in the shoes, which only end up hurting you, not only in the ankle, but can lead to foot issues, calve strain, and a whole host of other problems.

Do you see where I am going with this? God has a way of getting our attention, like a bad ankle in a pair of stilettos. But if we try to put the shoes on anyway, only to  take fumbled steps, and get hurt even the worse, because we have not taken the time to put on the “sneakers” (God and His Word) and exercise the leg (in our spirit and natural self), strengthening it with prayer, and reading the Word of God, being in fellowship with others who will also help us in our weak areas.
                                    Goal: to learn from our weak area, and become stronger.

Realize, where one person has strength,  another person may have struggles, which may very well help them overcome  obstacles!  And maybe YOU are the only person that can help teach another what you know. In return, your weakness is an opportunity to increase, and improve by allowing God and others to help you! One step at a time!
Take time to strengthen your life in God. Get in a great church, that has a supportive group, good sound Bible teaching, so you can wear the stilettos in life!

                             Be strong! In Jesus name!

Proverbs 24:5

Wise people have great power, and those with knowledge have great strength.

Isaiah 58:11

The LORD will always lead you. He will satisfy your needs in dry lands and give strength to your bones. You will be like a garden that has much water, like a spring that never runs dry..

Ecclesiastes 4:9

[ Friends and Family Give Strength ] Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together.

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak.

Ecclesiastes 9:16

I still think wisdom is better than strength. But those people forgot about the poor man’s wisdom and stopped listening to what he said.

Lets pray:

Lord, thank you than in my weakness, you are made strong. It is not in myself that I can conquer this life. It is YOU in me, your Word that completes me and shows me the way; Every day is a new chance to take advantage of seeing life through your eyes that offer wisdom and correction. I praise you now and forever, because I know you have my best interest at heart, I want to be improved and recover from the hurts in life, and live my life to the fullest, I pray you help me, I surrender to your will and what you want me to learn and do. Thank you Jesus for your blood that has already made me complete. Amen!

– Love you Jesus!

Well, I have not gotten very disciplined in blogging regularly. Could be because life has issued some situations that sidetracked me over the past few months which kept me much to busy running and maintaining up til now.

I’ve always loved summertime! July is my favorite month for lots of reasons! No school. Sunny skies and my birthday!

So, it’s July. Cool week of dates : 7-7-11  and  7-11-11  ~~~ And a  monumental date for me 7-17, since I turn 50! How COULD this be? When???!!!I surely do not feel “this” old. I joked that AARP is calling my name. But really, give me those discounts! Bring it on! Especially these days. 
Many friends in my age range have difficulties with the big 5-0. But I say, why go back? Unless you could change things (but really, we’d all just make different mistakes – right?!?), and give me my 20 year old body.. nah, let me be this age. I have gained much over these 50 years, (including some pounds that I hope to shed soon!), wisdom is a grand thing. It really is. Isaiah 46:4 says that even in my old age, He sustains me. He made me, and will carry me and rescue me.    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that when we are young we want to be carried or rescued. We are strong and invincible. Proverbs 20:29 says “the glory of young men is their strength”.  We want to prove ourselves. Some of that is pride, but some of it is just maturing. Maturing doesn’t mean ya have one foot in the grave, it just means we have wisdom and understanding.(Job 12:12)
So, I welcome this summer. Putting what is behind me – and stretching forward towards the goal. What goal? Well, I have some earthly goals to conquer, but the main goal, is striving to be what God has destined me to be. I am learning to listen to His quiet voice. Intent to heed his direction. Trusting His ways are my ways  – and that is a big lesson learned after all these years. (sometimes it just takes me longer!!).
I just know the best is yet to come. I stand firmly in His promises, and know He has good things in store for my future! I anticipate wonderful things, in Jesus precious name!
It’s just a number. Appreciate it. Life could be worse – and we strive for better, at least I hope we do. Improvement is always needed, stagnancy is a waste.  So, here’s to another celebration day of birth.
Psalm 31:14-15 But I trust in you, O Lord; I say You are my God” My times are in your hands. 

Isaiah 58:11 the Lord will guide me always; he satisfies me needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen my frame.  I will be like a well – watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

(keep checking into – finally got some items up for sale on the website. Working on marketing and publishing now! Good things are ahead! Whoot whooot!!!)