Review of Nothing Short of Wondrous by Regina Scott

I enjoy a good series. Regina shares her knowledge of history into each storyline with great detail without it becoming boring. (I’m not a history buff – at all!).

Based in the Civil war era, in the American wilderness, the harshness of war, leaves a woman with some cynicism and determination to live life without leaning on people. I would imagine in that time frame of the late 1800’s, it must have been such a tough life.
Regina tells the story with ease and some tension.
Adding love, restoration, and a reminder that what was lost can be found. Never give up… what a great reminder for TODAY!

Feel the inspiration as you read this lovely story.

Hope for today

God comforts us, and he binds the brokenness within our minds and hearts; it is by his GRACE that he fills us up, redeems us and offers a HOPE that nothing nor nobody can offer.

We are in precedented times, that we have not seen before, and some things that have gotten worse over time.

We have the threat of a virus that is killing people. But this is nothing new under the sun. Viruses and sickness became part of life when Adam and Eve disobeyed. People die every day. Why are so many people going into the depths of despair, as if we have never seen dying as a part of life? But we can’t avoid LIVING before we die. People die at all ages any more. There is NO guarantee for tomorrow. Life is a journey to the path of death and grieving. BUT WE LIVE like there is no tomorrow.

Please hear me, we need to LIVE – even when we are limited to what we can do by rules implemented upon us. It’s OKAY~ let’s LIVE, breath and have our being. I want JOY in abundance.

Mind you, I am in no way making light of this. But to shut down the economy is an astronomical situation. We are finally coming out of a recession, to very possibly plummet into something deeper – will businesses have to end up closing because of lack of sales? The food and medical industry will survive. We will always need food and doctors. Bigger than those, we NEED Jesus.

Jesus is the ONLY HOPE we can rely on.

God’s promises are YES and AMEN. we must be in the Word. the Bible is our best guide. Prayers to heaven, and then to listen and hear what God is saying to us is key.

Let’s release fear!

Gain peace.

Rise up in HOPE

Let the issues in this world happen as they may, we cannot stop the things that happen, but we have the power to pray and ask God to redeem the situations happening, which will let the world see HIS GOODNESS in the land of the living!!!

Let’s kick the devil back to hell where he belongs. He has NO power over you and I. rebuke his ploys and sickness, worry and dismay. Those are all enemies to our soul.

Here are some scriptures for you to write in your journal today, be assured of HIS hope which is in you when you rely on HIM.

Job 5:11

Job 6:11

Job 14:7

Psalm 31:24

1 Chronicles 29: 10-20

Job 21 – is Job’s discourse to the wicked,

God is doing something big and powerful in this day and time. We are not living in havoc. We are living in the power of God though Jesus Christ. God has set us apart as Christians. We are being secluded to pray and be prepared for such a time as this, like in the days of Noah.

Luke 9:27, we will see the kingdom of God draw near, right here on Earth. (read the story of Noahs Arc).

Be OPEN and READY for now. Ask God what he wants YOU to do in this time.

Let’s pray: I call to this issue of sickness, viruses, hate, discontent and all concerns we have with jobs, income, the political arena, hatred and anything against God to be cast down and rebuked and diminished. in Jesus name.

Lord, YOU are in control. I am blessed to be a blessing. I have no lack, no sickness and I am victorious by the BLOOD of Jesus

Heal us, heal our land we are strong and courageous. Let us all share in the HOPE of YOUR love God. Amen

Forever Hope

Available now on Amazon. You can purchase on Amazon, by clicking here.

It tells the story of hope after grief. The experiences of loss of not one, but two still born babies. Then my husband who died tragically from a car accident; he was only 38.

Never ever giving up hope. Leaning into Jesus was the only way to get through the loss, grief, sadness, hard work. Pressing into the guidance and love of the One True Father.

The story is raw, emotional and in-depth, yet an easy read. You can grab your copy on Amazon now.


Crissy J.

Forever Hope  has touched my heart and encouraged me to never lose hope no matter the circumstances. 💗🤗 I can’t wait to get through the rest of the book!

Nancy S.

 I just finished Forever Hope and am so touched. What a beautiful testimony of faith and hope.

Mike The book was really good. First time I have read a book so quickly.  

Carissa the story will help so many people! DL shares her soul by opening the curtain to her pain, which gives us all hope. 

Shannon The book is so absolutely wonderful. It touched my heart and soul. DL is a gifted writer. 

Wow is the first word that comes to mind after reading this book. I can’t remember the last time, if any, I related to a book this much. The book is so well written and with emotion. I could literally feel the author’s words being poured out in this book. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s powerful. It’s a story of healing and a story of never letting go of her faith in God. 

The author shares about her life, including the struggles, the hard times. I was so touched by this book that I shed quite a few tears. If you need healing, if you need hope, if you’re hanging on by a thread…please read this book. It will give you hope. This is a book I will cherish. It really touched my heart, reminding me that there is always hope.

JS The book is awesome! Thank you for sharing your story and your faith!

Marianne  This is so exiting. I remember when you were talking about writing a book, and now it has happened. Many hurdles you had to jump throw, many obstacles you had to dodge. You are truly a woman of determination and exuberant, full of life and energy. 

Release date: February 13, 2020

Forever Hope is on Amazon, you can get your copy by clicking here!

Trusting God Fully

My heart, mind and soul need some demolition work done on them. Why? So that the crud and old mindsets can be removed and I can be purified. This is a daily Reinvention! D.A.I.L.Y! yikes. Clean me up Jesus! I need this, so that when others look at me, my life, my shortcomings, failures and “stuff”, people will see my heart. A heart that is SOLD OUT for Jesus.

Dilapidated OLD BARN ©Photos by Design

This will bring intentional progress within my broken and busted up heart. You see, sometimes I lose patience. Sometimes I’m snarky and curt. I even have fear of what might happen, anxiety that reeks havoc on my soul, makes me worn out and tired. Even discouragement can take over my mind! Then, there’s the lack of trust. Oh my… what’s a girl to do?!?!? I have to relinquish and expose my heart to my Savior. Jesus is his name. Do you know him? He heals the wounded heart. Yes he does. He is faithful.

©Photos By Design 2020

Lord, let me faithfully trust you with ALL of me. No inhibitions. I will fulfill my destiny, purpose and see my dreams that YOU put in my heart come to fruition. Yes indeed!

© Photos by Design

The layers of protection I added to save myself, to cover my heart and mind, so as to not feel the pain or hurt, Lord you wash it away. I know You can fill me up. Allow me to walk in your strength, not my own. You are my Protector. The spiritual erosion must be clarified so freedom oozes from my pores

One thing I know for sure, God’s love never changes, it runs deep and wide. I am done with the disconnect between my faith and the way I actually live.

I am GROUNDED in FAITH, that is my desire.

Father, God, thank you for loving me so much, that I can run to you and you catch me from falling. You fill my cup to overflow so I can live with freedom. You are my Good Good Father! Amen

Review of Collateral Damage

This is a book review that I do through Revel books a division of Baker publishing group.

I enjoy Lynette Eason’s style because it is a nice light mystery.

Easy to follow. This book is about a character who was discharged from the army but was injured and no longer able to help in the military.

Without giving spoilers, I’ll give a general synopsis of what I like about Lynette’s writing, is that it is similar to what I would say easy to read.

I can imagine it as a TV show, one similar to Murder she Wrote. It’s Not intense, not terribly intertwined or hard to follow. It’s delightful and I definitely would recommend her books if you like to read light mysteries.

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