What to do when locked inside

“What a world, what a world”, said the wicked witch as she melted to her invisible self.

We are demanded to stay in unless it’s necessary. Covid19 has taken over the world like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz tried to do.

The world has been rocked by this virus. Fear is crept into many who are afraid. Those who are now feeling isolated, I hope and pray they can reroute the mind and find the beauty and peace of this situation. In spite of the virus. Let us spend more time with family, take time to rest and reorganize.

Create the shift that will bring new things into your life. Work on your dreams, crafts, writing, things you don’t get to often hone in on.

Lean into the cross….. Pray. Find what this new season of life will bring into your heart, mind and soul. It’s gonna be a good thing when we seek the positive FROM the negative.

There were quite a few times that I felt that anxiety overtake my mind and heart while I wrote FOREVER HOPE. Being alone while writing a book is necessary. I do enjoy writing – a LOT!!!!! But day after day, weeks turning into months of aloneness can wreak havoc on the mind. But when I reviewed the book during the editing process, I began to see the fruit growing from what I wrote. ( I see the correlation of today’s confinement to the writing process).

It was NO accident that God planned for this book on HOPE to be in print for THIS time and place – during the COVID19 era.

It comes down to HOPE and FAITH and what we will DO with what God has given to us to DO.

I like to create. Words, painting, mixed media, photography, all bring me such peace. It also blesses others when I create something for someone as a gift, or sell products for others to give as a gift. You can do the same. Do you bake, write notes, garden, teach? Utilize and share what you do best with others, especially now, will lift someone’s spirit.

When I put words together it encourages people; writing words on paper AND with the computer brings joy to my heart and mind. So, when someone reads something I wrote and they say, thank you – your words have helped me ~ the moments of anxiety and seclusion I felt at some point in time, all wash away.

We don’t always see or know how effective our “work” is – until someone commends us for what we have done. The gratification may come over weeks, months or years later. But the promise of outcome is for God to open the doors at the right time.

Trusting He will help us to do the work we need to do TODAY, while in seclusion, we need to ALLOW him to do a work within us, to purify our heart, mind and soul, so we can help someone else. We have to let HIM lift our spirits. Sometimes he will whisper to our heart, bring a note into our mailbox, a voicemail on the phone or a comment on social media. As we simply obey God’s word, he will lift us up in due time. To encourage us when we need it most.

Be strong today. Be encouraged that God is doing a great thing in you while at home. Listen and pray for his guidance on who to help with the gift of love and caring. You will be blessed in return for being a good servant of the Lord.

Jesus, thank you for protecting me and my family, friends, job, neighborhood and those I know. Bless the people who are diligently working during this time of Covid19. Keep people safe from this virus. Heal those who are sick, hurting and alone. Revive our nation, help the haters find peace and love. Bring revival to our land ~~~~ today. We need you Lord, more than ever! I pray for peace – that only YOU can give. Bring salvation to those who do not know you, Lord. I love you Jesus. Help us now in this time of uncertainty. Meet the needs in a supernatural way. Amen.

You can find hope in my new book “Forever Hope”. Simply order at this Amazon link. I’d love to hear how it impacts your life. Come back and let me know once you’ve read the book.

Hope for today

God comforts us, and he binds the brokenness within our minds and hearts; it is by his GRACE that he fills us up, redeems us and offers a HOPE that nothing nor nobody can offer.

We are in precedented times, that we have not seen before, and some things that have gotten worse over time.

We have the threat of a virus that is killing people. But this is nothing new under the sun. Viruses and sickness became part of life when Adam and Eve disobeyed. People die every day. Why are so many people going into the depths of despair, as if we have never seen dying as a part of life? But we can’t avoid LIVING before we die. People die at all ages any more. There is NO guarantee for tomorrow. Life is a journey to the path of death and grieving. BUT WE LIVE like there is no tomorrow.

Please hear me, we need to LIVE – even when we are limited to what we can do by rules implemented upon us. It’s OKAY~ let’s LIVE, breath and have our being. I want JOY in abundance.

Mind you, I am in no way making light of this. But to shut down the economy is an astronomical situation. We are finally coming out of a recession, to very possibly plummet into something deeper – will businesses have to end up closing because of lack of sales? The food and medical industry will survive. We will always need food and doctors. Bigger than those, we NEED Jesus.

Jesus is the ONLY HOPE we can rely on.

God’s promises are YES and AMEN. we must be in the Word. the Bible is our best guide. Prayers to heaven, and then to listen and hear what God is saying to us is key.

Let’s release fear!

Gain peace.

Rise up in HOPE

Let the issues in this world happen as they may, we cannot stop the things that happen, but we have the power to pray and ask God to redeem the situations happening, which will let the world see HIS GOODNESS in the land of the living!!!

Let’s kick the devil back to hell where he belongs. He has NO power over you and I. rebuke his ploys and sickness, worry and dismay. Those are all enemies to our soul.

Here are some scriptures for you to write in your journal today, be assured of HIS hope which is in you when you rely on HIM.

Job 5:11

Job 6:11

Job 14:7

Psalm 31:24

1 Chronicles 29: 10-20

Job 21 – is Job’s discourse to the wicked,

God is doing something big and powerful in this day and time. We are not living in havoc. We are living in the power of God though Jesus Christ. God has set us apart as Christians. We are being secluded to pray and be prepared for such a time as this, like in the days of Noah.

Luke 9:27, we will see the kingdom of God draw near, right here on Earth. (read the story of Noahs Arc).

Be OPEN and READY for now. Ask God what he wants YOU to do in this time.

Let’s pray: I call to this issue of sickness, viruses, hate, discontent and all concerns we have with jobs, income, the political arena, hatred and anything against God to be cast down and rebuked and diminished. in Jesus name.

Lord, YOU are in control. I am blessed to be a blessing. I have no lack, no sickness and I am victorious by the BLOOD of Jesus

Heal us, heal our land we are strong and courageous. Let us all share in the HOPE of YOUR love God. Amen