More than a conqueror
Never give up. Hold onto Jesus

How many times have you heard the scripture reference, found in Romans 8:31-39  that tells us we ARE more than conquerors – IF WE ONLY BELIEVE!!!!  

How shall we respond, is how the chapter begins.


Do you ask God sometimes: “REALLY God, am I ? Life is nothing but a struggle. Struggle seems to be opposite of conquering something – anything! And you want me to say that I am MORE than a conqueror? Come on God…. let’s get real.”

How now shall we live? (grabbing that phrase from a titled book from Chuck Colson, it’s a big read, but got some meaty stuff in it).

God is truly merciful, even when I am not. Trouble is before me night and day. People can be like sandpaper burning the heart raw. Persecution from haters (which seem to be more abounding these days). Life in general can be rough. Exhausting. the desire to quit and just give up and veg on the couch sometimes seems so tempting.

I have walked a long dry valley the past many years – sometimes even crawling through the rough terrain. So many situations of  loss, death and lack kept climbing over me like bugs in a trash can. Ick and gross, right? It wouldn’t go away. Discouragement hit me more often than I wanted. Like a bad boxing match.

Yet, I know I have to listen and heed God’s still small voice and not harden my heart when those times come upon me.  Oh, how my flesh wants to harden itself; it’s a protection of sorts. We all have within us a barrier that we put around us, especially once we’ve been ‘burnt’ to many times by things that happen to us, even sometimes things that we do by choice.

We must be cautious not to let the flesh take over our thoughts. What a fine line  that can be. We have to rely on the Word and promises of God. It is sharper than a two edged sword. 

Taking the mind and the swaying thoughts of negativity and strife, the struggle and PROCLAIM God’s promises.

Always. Do. This.

It is amazing that when we speak the Bible out-loud, the enemy has to flee! Do this for a few minutes, paying attention to the relaxing sense of peace that enters the atmosphere! God is mighty. God is true. Our flesh fails us. Our mind wanders to distant damaging places. Run to the Father…. that’s what I am gonna do right now.

Don’t let the enemy take over your life. The devil must flee at they sound of Jesus name. End of that story! Rejoice, praise and sing hallelujah!

Father, God I love you. I know you are faithful. When these taxing, trying negative things in life come to try to override me, I seek you. I run to you. Hold me with your strong right arm. I speak your promises into my life and my family. I love you Jesus. I praise you. Peace I seek for my life. I surrender all. I desire your will. My flesh bow down to what you want me to do. Amen. 

How sneaky is the snake?

5785 Snake

I was on my phone one evening, you know, scrolling, scrolling, time wasting, as I  was unwinding my busy brain, so I could get to sleep. I love animals. So, of course, when a cute rolly polly set of bears  video came up, I had to watch them playfully walk through someones backyard, as if they were dogs that belonged to that particular home, it made me smile. I just want to hug them! Oh, if they didn’t have such big claws and mean teeth that would rip me to shreds….I wish I could kiss those noses…. ok, let me dream a little, please!

Got sidetracked by bear adorableness… continuing on with the story.  Endless videos continued to scroll,  you know how when one completes, the next one pops up … which  brought me to an ugly ol’ python! Yuck and yuck! Those things are HA-UGE! I was drawn in, as I watched with  one eye closed the other eye sort of crooked, not wanting to watch, yet I was saying “NO” outloud, how could this be?

It was devouring, veryyyy slowly  – s.l.o.w.l.y…. a baby dear,   it had to be at least a few weeks or possibly a few months old. I don’t know how fast they grow, but it was a wee one for sure. Poor momma, if she were around… makes me sad baby had to go through that slimy creatures belly. That snake just adapts to whatever it eats. The skin and all just expounds. Can I say YUCK again!?? Ewe!!

How can something with that little face, no legs, no arms, do so much damage? I know…. keep reading, I will justify my point, I get how the animal culture works.

Now, I know, you are cringing. I am too. Save the baby. Save the deer and CRUSH that snakes head into smithereens.  As a visual, I normally  would use a photograph to illustrate my point, but that is much too graphic. I decided to spare everyone the impression  of Bambi Brunch, not wanting it  engraved in your mind forever…….but maybe we need to have that shock value in our memory base.

Let me explain……

Yes,  we know that  the way of the animal kingdom needs to pray on each other. Mr S, as I will call him, was hungry. As sick as it is for us humans to fathom. It turned my stomach, he was hungry and needed to eat, but it got me thinking.

Let’s get real with each other. We all have struggles. Bad things happen. We go through dark times, difficulties beyond our control. Mistakes made, purposed or innocently that take us down a rocky terrain. We must always be careful, and mindful of this snake’s sneakiness want’s us to fall  in the messy unstable rocks. Yes, of course there are obvious times that he attacks very obviously. But like a phython, they blend in, quietly, waiting for it’s prey to feel weakened. There is a sensory in our demeanor, whether we speak out the words or not, he knows when to attack. Once he has his grip on you, like our baby deer, he chokes, leaving the victim without breath, the heart stops and dies. The bible tells us Satan comes to kill steal and destroy.  The caveat to that verse, is that we are to be aware of onslaught and be prepared with God’s Armor and His Word because  GOD sent Jesus to GIVE US LIFE – ABUNDANT life.

5449 Flowers

The hold Satan has on some lasts a lifetime. The subtle words from a family member or friend that leaves you feeling ugly, owrthless or not smart – all lies. God made YOU IN HIS IMAGE! Which means you are alright!  You do NOT have to allow Satan to wrap his long eight foot body around you with the intention of a slow. kill. No! You are fingerprinted and designed for amazing things so you can tell YOUR story to others. God gets the glory!

The snake is related to the ENEMY of our soul. The devil, is called the serpent. (Gen. 3 and Rev. 20). He slithers around quietly, on the look out crawling around in a pretty field like this,  determinted to be as patient as  he needs to be, awaiting his prey. Who will he devour today?  …. and he has a team, that works towards ruining us believers,  he does not work alone.

5783 Snake
Take the serpent by the head and snap it! Jesus already paid the ultimate price for Satan to stay in hell – where he chose to go. The enemies kingdom  eternally ……is HELLish.   You have overcome Him with and by the POWER of JESUS.

Take your amazing graced AUTHORITY  – because YOU are an OVERCOMER. No more living in the death and distruction that the enemy unfolds before your path. Take your authority with the WORD OF GOD – and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! AMEN!


Hmm, the words PREY and PRAY – sound the same,  how about the meaning; PREY, is to mark, spoil, game, kill, victimize, quest;  to PRAY is to ask, get permission, beseech, say, commune with. When you are in the midst of a trial, or have an unsettling sense that life is amiss, whether in the moment or over a long period of time, stop and pray. Pray over the one who preys to put you in a minor or major path of distruction.

For further scripture studying on the enemy, aka serpent, snake, devourer, grab your devotional journal to take notes, then dig into the word to learn the POWER YOU HAVE over him. Awareness is key. You are bought by the Blood of Christ, you win over all tactics of the devil. But never underestimate his power, he comes to kill steal and destroy.


Gen. 3:14

Isaiah 65:25 and 27: 1 

Exodus 4:3 and 7:9 

Psalm 91:13 and 140:3. and 58: 4-5 

Numbers 21:7-9

2 Corinthians 11:3

Luke 10:19

Deuteronomy 8:13-17

Amos 5:19 and 9:3


Father, we come to you, with our sometimes, most times, weakened lives, wishing I had not made a comment, gotten angry, hurt someone, or ________ (you fill in the blank). But you are Soverign and full of mercy and grace. I come humbly yet with assurance to ask for forgiveness for this sin. These sins. wash me clean. Thank you for letting me begin again. I love you Jesus. The enemy is crushed. He has NO power over my life, nor my families life. It was finished at Calvary. Thank you Lord. Amen