Umbrella over the city street_edited-1.jpgWe work, we play. The busy-ness of our life runs to and fro;  so many activities, kids, job, church, sports, hobbies, family, that sometimes our soul runs dry. We lose sight and can’t see the ray of hope that God shines willingly over us.

We take so much value in superficial things, the location of where we live,  how big or small our home is, the contents, the restaurants we visit, vacations we take, with little to no time spent in learning God’s ways through reading His Word.

Do we take time to stop and hear his still small voice?  Maybe the concern is getting out from underneath the lack and difficulties in life.  In abundance or in lack, God is always with us. He so longs for us to sit and talk with Him. He is patient and kind to wait for us to get to that point.  If we don’t he certainly will get our attention one way or another.

When we find the love we long for in Him, not by way of human love, he shows us that he is the Great I AM .  Will we receive it? Allow time from “the doing”, by way of performance — the job promotion options, relationships we desperately hope approval from, building our status quo with money, beauty and fleeting things of this world. Let the Father embrace you with the peace that passes all understanding.

Take time today to be quiet; seek him, with few words; allow Him to whisper his love into your soul. May he guide your every desire and create the perfect space he has in store for you and you alone.  You need to value His love more than anything else today;

May the umbrella be a visual for you today and always, showing you his banner over you is love, even in the midst of your gray and busy days.

You are loved.


Let’s pray:

Father, I ask you to be with me today; help me to quiet my mind, so I can learn your Word, hear your voice and take direction. I know ultimately, it will make my life more complete and peaceful. I am so grateful for your umbrella over me that keeps me from being flooded with nonsense and things unnecessary; when I do go my way, please gently bring me back to your safe haven. I love you, Jesus. Amen. 

The soothing sound of soft winds blowing on a sunny blue skied day, (especially in Florida), bring such peace. As I am hear visiting my son, and I must say, it’s quite strange to think Christmas is in only five short days, and I am outside in 78 degree, blue skied days, full of soft soothing winds. My mind feels like it’s playing  games!  Adapting – takes time I suppose. When I get back home to Chicago next week, we will have wintery grey skies, possible snow and lots of cold – (with no complaints from me – I enjoy the 20-35 degree weather)!

It’s just a bit more challenging in the deep of the Midwest winters to go outside and listen to the wind and clouds, it’s much to frigid at times to enjoy the blue skies – or not so blue many times; that’s what is so special about going away for a period of time, where the climate is different.

The other day while enjoying  the JAX Beach, it  brought me to a total relaxed state. (haven’t had that in a l.o.n.g. time, sad to say). Something about the vastness of the ocean,  and the beautiful white sand, with no shoes that bring such ease and peace. It’s truly  the most serene place for me personally. I can lay on the beach and be content just sitting there, hours at a time. My mind rests and reflects best on the beach. The swoosh of the waves, the simplicity of watching kids play making sandcastles, sweet couples, old and young, holding hands while walking along the water; There is no place else that brings such relaxation and true enjoyment with sweet reflection of life.

The goodness of God. He told the waters where to stop – have you ever wondered that ? That spot at each beach should just flow  further and further onto land. But it doesn’t. Unless  a storm rages – (yet even then, the water can only go so far). Because God speaks.

Just as He spoke 2000+ years ago, he speaks now. God speaks these words into YOUR life, hat means you can speak these words into your life as well….   His command makes a demand on a situation!    You do the same!   Today!   Do you need peace?   healing?  joy ? hope?

Where is that place of solitude you need to go to today?  Run to the Father. Talk to him, cry out to him with your deepest need.  He may need to work in and through you, just as he has done with me, MANY  times.     Taste and SEE the Lord IS good!

I hope that as you end this 2017 year, your goal and hope for 2018 will be the wonderful attributes that He has in store for you. You just need to find  that quiet place – be it your own backyard, the car, or shower – somewhere where you can settle your mind – and speak to God clearly, and wait for his wonderful assurance  – he will give you your hearts desire as you line  up  your life and thoughts with  His words!


Merry Christmas to you – enjoy, relax – don’t go over crazy with stuff, but simplify as much as possible to see your family – be attentive to their lives. Love wins – every time!  May the soft sounds of the wind and waves ease your mind today!  ~ love you guys and gals!